Sharp XE – A217

Sharp XE – A217 – Electronic Cash Register

Large Multi-Line LCD for User-Friendly Operation
The clear, backlit, 5- or 8-line*, 160 x 64-dot LCD operator display featured on the XE-A207W/B and XE-A217W/B provides high visibility. It can display up to 20 alphanumeric characters, allowing clerks to view items, prices, and other information even in low-light environments. For better viewing, the operator display can be tilted anywhere from 25º to 70º. These models also feature a pop-up, rotating, 7-digit LED customer display, which can be adjusted to an easy-to-read angle, ensuring customer confidence.

Quick Thermal Printer with Graphic Logo Printing
The built-in thermal printer prints out sales receipts on 58-mm-wide paper at a speedy rate of approximately 12 lines per second. A graphic logo can be printed out as well, helping to further promote your business. Plus, the drop-in paper loading mechanism allows you to change paper rolls quickly and easily.

Quick and Accurate Price Entry
Equipped with 2,000 PLUs (price look-ups), the XE-A207W/B and XE-A217W/B make entering pricing information a snap. By simply entering the code or pressing the XE-A217W/B direct keys for the items being purchased, you can total up sales with accuracy and speed. A total of 99 departments are also available, enabling you to easily track and analyse transactions by product type.

Other Key Features
– Normal keyboard (XE-A207W/B) or flat keyboard (XE-A217W/B)
– Simple GLU (guest look-up) function (XE-A217W/B only)

Product Features:

  • Large, easy-to-view multi-line LCD operator display with tilt mechanism
  • Built-in SD Card slot for easy sales data transfer to a PC and programme backup
  • Guided programming for easy set-up and Help key for operating instructions
  • Electronic Journal stores transaction data in memory to save paper
  • Quick Thermal Printer with Graphic Logo Printing
  • 99 departments and up to 2,000 articles each with 16-character text