Sam4s SPS-500 Range

Sam4s SPS-500 Range – Touch Screen POS System

A cost-effective design allows the built-in printer to generate both receipts and requisitions – The 3″ printer (SPS-530) delivers an extremely high-quality print.

If multiple ECRs are connected in the same network, print jobs can be directed to the printer in another ECR, effectively allowing one ECR to double as a system kitchen printer; In the same manner, receipts or journal data can be routed as demanded by the application.

The SPS-500 is an ideal replacement for older technology ECRs, a cost-effective alternative to PC-based POS systems, and a powerful platform for independent, franchises, multi-unit operators and chain accounts.

Lock & Key Security: Authority is managed using traditional, secure cash register keys.

Display up to 200 Operator Screens with 24-items per screen:
The colour touch screen can be configured to guide the operator through choices of flavours, toppings, condiments, and instructions. If you sell a combo meal, a screen or series of screens can display to reflect the combo choices. If the item requires condiments or instructions, the screen can lead your operator through options and additional choices.

Product Features:

  • Upto 32 Terminals per Network.
  • Links to Remote Order Printers.
  • Simple & Intuitive System Maintenance.
  • Floating Operator across Network.
  • Floating Checks across Network.
  • Automatic Price Changes at Preset Times.
  • Gross Profit Report.
  • Optional Back Office Software Available.
  • 6-Line Preamble Receipt Message.
  • 6-Line Postamble Receipt Message.
  • Graphic Logo Printing on Receipt.
  • Stock Management.
  • Ingredient File.